At Nick's 100% FREE live Workshop You'll learn about:

  • How to get started making money 'Flipping homes' where you live.
  • How to find and acquire income-producing properties that can produce inflation proof cash flow each month!
  • How you can network with real estate professionals who are currently buying and selling real estate.
  • How you can find the same success Nick and his team enjoy
  • How Nick's systems can unlock the secrets other Real Estate professionals don’t want you to know.
  • How to invest successfully even if you only work part time.

Learn How To Invest:

  • Learn how you can purchase real estate at a discount using your self-directed retirement accounts. This powerful wealth intelligence strategy can earn profits that are tax free and tax deferred.
  • Learn to utilize other people's money to fund and fix your real estate deals, allowing you to start to make money even if you don't have the cash or credit.
  • Learn about passive income investments that earn interest rates between 12% and 18%. These investment strategies are supported by United States law and secured by real estate.
  • This is your chance to see how people like you, are making money and finding success using Nick's 3G system.

Nick's gift to you...

Nick's Free Gifts

  • When you register, Nick will send you CD 1 of his Fortunes in Flipping CD set. Then when you attend, you receive Nick’s second CD and his VIP Tech Package, that's a $599.00 dollar value!

What Are People Saying About Nick's System and Events!*

Don and Ester

"We graduated 3 months ago and we are starting on our 6th property. And for us it's an infinite return on our money because we have used none of our own money on these properties."

Don and Ester

"He showed us within 30 minutes how to make 90 thousand dollars a month."


"I know you are sitting at home right, scratching your head thinking, should I register today? Well I have 102 thousand reasons why you should!“


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